Before we prepare ourselves for the liturgical season of Advent and begin singing the Christmas Carols, there is a Great News for all. Apple launches the shrunk-down version of its previous generation tablets, iPad Mini, this can’t be better than a Christmas Gift for you. On November 2nd, the one-hand format became visible in the Apple’s retail store and has been showered with a lot of praises for its size and performance.

What is so great about iPad Mini?

The iPad mini is extremely strong and a portable device for many looking for a tablet. It is amazingly thin and also light in weight that makes a huge difference and is easy to hold and carry around for short travels. Whether you are reading emails, browsing the web or playing games, iPad Mini provides a bright, beautiful 7.9-inch multi-touch display and a comfortable experience. Availing the multi-touch gestures through apps and closing them is also quick and easy.

iPad mini Application Development

The 5 Mega-Pixel Camera generates excellent shots in well-lighted areas and it is also comfortable in snapping shots with this device than the larger iPads. You will also find games such as Angry Birds or Tiny Wings and more. The speakers are locating in the center at the bottom where you will never find your hand obfuscating the sound. The features of the newly launched iPad Mini are never ending.

iPad mini comes with the most advanced WiFi (ultrafast wireless connection) that is 2x times faster than the previous generation iPads. You can have fast access to data networks around the world where you can easily download contents, stream videos and browse the web at amazingly high speed.

Apple’s iPad Mini will be a tough competitor to smaller tablet market

With features like being small in size and light in weight, this may be a better iPad than the iPad 2 which has the same resolution. You can also use the device comfortably with one hand that makes the experience of reading books and magazines better than using one of the larger iPads.

custom Application development for iPad mini

PHP Developer India have created thousands of apps for iPad and these immersive and full screen apps will work great on the new iPad Mini as well that will let you do almost anything you can imagine. For more detailed information you can visit where you can also have a glance on their recent projects and the testimonials that they have received for their achievements.

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Graphic Design

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We offer full range of graphic design services to manage your project efficiently. Our creative graphic design experts can create designs promoting your business at international arena. Our expert graphic designers can create innovative design solutions for a great range of graphic design requirements quickly.

Working with your current logo, we digitize it for printing and applications in several formats. We also cater to the graphic design requirements of printing companies. We can graphically design or re-design your website to catapult its overall layout and look.

At Phpdeveloperindia the creative instincts, degree of unmatched expertise and unparalleled resources provides clients with our world class graphic design services. Our proficient team of graphic design animators and programmers can offer you the best graphic design solutions based on your business needs.

We offer a spectrum of graphic design services:

  • Print Media
  • Magazine Layouts
  • Catalogue
  • Newsletter layouts
  • Stationery Design
  • Website Design
  • Multi-media services
  • Business Cards
  • 3D Animation and Logo
  • Display and Signs
  • Posters
  • Caricatures
  • Labels


Website Design India

Today, the website is the first impression most people get of a company and its products or services. First impressions may not be the last but they certainly go a long way in retaining initial user interests. Your website should send across your corporate message and objective quickly and effectively!

So what actually make for a great website design?

Website design is not only restricted to powerful images, but also to its ease of use and its efficacy in getting your message across imaginatively in a user-friendly manner with a high degree of recall.

How we Design out Websites

Leveraging the latest tools and technologies we create our interactive, dynamic and attractive websites. We employ the most advanced 2D and 3D website designing tools to develop dynamic attention-grabbing designs.

At PHPIndiaDeveoper we have a team of skilled and expert professionals comprising visualizers, and website designers. All their conceptualizations and illustrations can be realized on screen in an interactive and dynamic fashion.

We have a team of skilled and expert professional viz., graphic visualizers, and website designers on board.

All the conceptualization and illustrations can come to reality, whether it graphical, interactive, dynamic, static or eCommerce.

Contact us for any of your website design requirements. We will be happy to hear from you! Call 1404-720-5027 or email us at


With the advent of HTML5, Flash and Flex Development technologies are likely to get a new lease of life especially in the area of Mobile Gaming. For enterprise Flash Application Development in the long-term, HTML5 will most likely be the best technology. Currently, Flex has clear benefits for large-scale client projects typically associated with desktop applications.

The new Flash environment provides maximum scope for creativity and Phpdeveloperindia’s teams are constantly creating raising the bar on applications using the combined features of the Flash Web Development platform, Flex Development and AS3 scripts to create true-to-form killer applications.

Meanwhile, Adobe plans to continue improving its Flash Builder so that Flex developers can use Flash Builder as their development tool with future releases of Flex SDK.

Another new development is the Compatibility Matrix for Mobile Development with Flash Builder 4.5 that now allows our Flash, Flex and AS3 Experts to create new workflows to develop, debug and deploy standalone mobile applications for smartphones and tablets.

On the Action Scripting front AS3’s new Simple Method Closure feature allow us to bind variables into the scope of an anonymous function.

A security patch for the Flex SDK is now available to address a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability. This patch now provides stronger protection to user data.

Not very far off on the horizon is the availability of the new Flex 4.6 SDK and an updated Flash Builder 4.6. Flash Builder 4.6 is a free update to Flash Builder 4.5 and provides enhanced support for Mobile Application Development along with a host of new tools that take advantage of the new features in Adobe AIR 3.0 and Flash Player 11.

A lot is included in this Flash Development tool’s update and the Adobe Application Manager is unable to deliver all of it.  This means Flash Builder 4.5 users won’t automatically be notified about these updates and licensees will have to download the full Flash Builder 4.6 installer and enter their Flash Builder 4.5 serial number to deploy it.

For Flex development, Adobe has announced that it will continue to honor existing Flex support contracts. However, the explosion of mobile devices has opened new doors for end users, enterprise organizations and developers, but this comes with a new set of development challenges.

In some more good news, Flex 4.5 now provides developers with a single framework for building and deploying mobile applications for a range of different devices and platforms.

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Zend Framework CMS has gained a remarkable market share in last year or so as an open source cms. Many companies have started developing and using Zend cms as it is a highly cost effective and user friendly solution. Zend Framework stresses more on offering latest, secure, dependable, and consistent Web 2.0 applications as well as web services compared to other open source cms solutions. It is also adaptable with all latest APIs from well-known suppliers such as Amazon, Yahoo, Flicker and Google.

Because of its popularity and user friendliness of the platform, the solution has created its own market place today. There are many software companies in the market that offer top quality Zend Framework Development Services at very reasonable prices. These software houses have a strong presence of zend framework application developers as a part of their PHP services. These companies are very flexible for the designing and development services they offer. These companies offer you the flexibility to Hire Zend Framework Developer on full time basis or on fixed cost basis, as per the requirement of your project.

Most of the companies offering Zend Framework Development Services also offer other development services like:

  • Zend framework CMS
  • Zend framework API
  • Zend framework shopping cart
  • PHP Zend framework
  • Zend framework AJAX
  • Zend framework Facebook applications
  • Zend framework shopping cart and many other development services


Job market of Zend framework development industry is also on boom and companies offering Core PHP Development Services are now willing to Hire Zend Framework Developers with good salaries and lucrative perks.

Remarkable success of the application and increasing market demand of Zend Framework CMS has gained a good market place for this application.

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